How to Increase Your Online Radio Audience?

This is sure to be something that many want to achieve, and it is perhaps the most complicated part of all.

Getting listeners for your Internet radio is not a simple task, because you need to dedicate time and build “attractive” content to capture your audience. The idea of this guide is to leave you some advice so you can achieve it or have an idea of how to start.

1) The first thing you have to do is define your initial public.
To do this, you must ask yourself some of these questions and answer them in a conscious way. Note that we are talking about a first instance, where in theory, we have 0 (zero) listeners.

To what countries, provinces will begin transmitting?
What public do you want to arrive? 15 to 20 years, 20 to 30 years, etc.
What music does this group of people listen to?
What interests do they have in common?

2) The speakers or DJs:
The advantage of having an Internet radio is that you can have speakers anywhere in the world, but logically, you must select these speakers according to the interests of your radio, so they do not get out of your guideline. You must in this instance look for speakers, so that your radio has live content most of the time, and if possible 24 hours a day, then better.

3) The contents-Programs
The first thing you have to do is prepare your radio for the listeners you selected, this while it is logical, many people all they do is put music and more music, and like to listen to only music on a radio does not make sense , because I have my PC full of MP3 of any kind of files, it would be easier to put that music and ready. No? Then …

The first thing we recommend you do is to set up your programming grid with schedules and put it on your website, so that in this way people who visit your website, know what program is sounding and that other days happen again.

You have to try to make each one of the programs attractive to your listeners, so that they feel tempted to keep listening.

4) Broadcasting your station
This task is just as important as the previous steps, if you have already followed all the previous tips and you have the speakers, they will take care of a first instance of getting the first listeners, however, does not finish here the task, now you I recommend the following to increase or try to increase the listeners.

On your website: Place links to your Facebook (if your radio’s Facebook) so this way, you can put messages of the style status: “In a few minutes but the program AGAPITO!!!” by Radio AGAPITA … ”

The same can be done on Twitter or other social networks.

In forums or communities: surely you are registered in a forum or a community where there are people who have the same interests that you selected for your radio, if so, you can create a message (without spam) similar to: “I invite you to listen to my radio,” Where we are now broadcasting live from … (and place days and schedules of the most interesting programs with a link so that they can enter to listen to you) ”

In other websites: given that having a radio is not an easy task, but if an interesting resource, you can get in touch with any of these sites and give you your service, then they verĂ¡nn benefited because they can offer on their website an Internet radio and You with listeners for your radio … if they are a bit hard to access, maybe you can even spend an advertising of them to every so often.

In directories: There are directories where you can register your radio, logical, I recommend that a little hurdles placing the link of your radio in them and gradually increase this.

5) Be constant
This section is perhaps the most important of all, and it is an invitation not to discourage you, given that if you do, perhaps just when your efforts are to give results close and provoke the wrath of your prospective listeners …

Keep in mind that the best radios are not made in 1 or 2 months, some have been experimenting for years and trying things, but today everything is a little easier thanks to technology, the important thing is that you never leave your project and you look for it to become something That is useful and even need for your listeners, generates addiction to your radio….! Just so you’ll see the results and make money with it

6) Have a good Internet radio streaming server online.
This is another important point, imagine, if you make so much effort to get listeners and when finally a listener decides to enter your radio and … what happens if the server on your radio is down? Many will surely remember your mother.

Make sure that you have a stable streaming service with permanent technical support… in my case, I use the services of the company Netyco Argentina

I hope this guide will be very useful to you.

What is Needed to Create a Radio on the Internet?

Setting up an Internet radio today is very simple and you don’t need to invest a lot of money to do it.

To start transmitting an internet radio professionally, we only recommend you have the following elements (which are in most households):

  • A computer
  • A stable Internet connection
  • The audio content to be transmitted
  • One microphone (can be PC)
  • A streaming service to send your radio to the Internet

Is it very difficult to put a radio online?

For nothing, anyone with minimal knowledge of computer science can do it, including your reading … and you still do not decide:)

The installation procedure is very simple, even there are many companies (as is the case with the company Netyco Argentina) that help you to install your radio remotely if you have difficulties.

What is a streaming service?

A service of streaming or of transmission of Internet radio, is a web platform prepared so that you can send from your installations your radio to Internet. Although there are companies that offer this service for free, particularly I recommend the services of the company Netyco Argentina, where I gave a free trial of their services for a full week so you can try everything before Hiring the service … and I am really very happy with my radio online, for more than 5 years.

In addition to that, I gave away a website, domain and hosting, so with very little effort I was able to mount my station on the Internet and I was able to devote to what is really done, conduct a radio program.

What happens if I already have a FM or AM radio?

If you currently have FM or AM a radio station, you may want to send the programming you already have to the Internet, in that case, to give you an idea of how the connection is done, analyze the following image:

It is possible that to connect your FM or AM radio to your PC, you need a connection cable, commonly these come with a plug tab at one end and a miniplug at the other end … then that way it connects to the PC’s input line.

How do I get my internet radio heard?

If you get to this point, surely is because you are already transmitting on the Internet, if you want to receive listeners for your radio, I recommend you read the following article:

I hope this post will serve as a guide or help. Greetings to all ….

Website for Your Free Online Radio

I commented that the Internet radio servers of the company Netyco Argentina, now allow you to easily assemble your own web page for your Internet radio.

In order to create and personalize your Web page, you just have to follow these steps:

1) Login to your account at PanelRadio

On the displayed screen, you will need to place your port number and password.

2) Click on the button: “Your Web page” in the side menu

3) When you enter, you will see a screen similar to this:

To create your Web page for free, simply fill in all the fields that appear on the form.

The system will allow you to have a website with 3 pages, and you will be able to link your links to various social networks.

The procedure is very simple, encourage yourself to try it yourself.

HTML FLASH Code Generator for Web Radio

If you have a radio account, you may want to place the transmission on your website, for that we recommend using the HTML code generator that appears in this address:

How to use the generator?

It is very simple, then we put a description of the fields you have to complete:

  • Stream URL: This is the host or IP address that your provider gives you, either Listen2myradio or any other vendor.
    Here you have to put for example something like:; Logically this IP is just example (not work), you must replace that IP by the IP that gives you your Internet radio provider.
  • Stream Name: Here you have to place the name of your radio station.
    Skin: Leather, is the design that you want to have your player. There are many, you can have fun choosing one of them.
  • Welcome message: This message will appear on the player, it is simply for the users to receive a welcome message while charging your radio on the Internet.
  • Language: The default language is Spanish, but you can change this feature.
  • Volume: Leaving this field at 90%
  • Auto-Play: This will cause your radio station to start the transmission automatically, without the listener having to click on Play
  • WMode: Leave this option in transparent and secure that it will adapt perfectly to your website.
  • Buffer time: I recommend you put here 10 seconds.
  • Additional supports: I recommend you select all!! This will allow you to provide more compatibility to other browsers and operating systems, so your listeners are sure to listen to your broadcast.

NEW: Now it is also possible to add the radio to Blogger in an automatic and hassle free way! If this is your case, in the generator, you will find a button that says: “Add your Radio to Blogger” and ready!

Do I hear an advertisement?

Yes, advertising is heard, but well, it only lasts a few seconds, I think the publicity lasts only 30 seconds and will not be heard again during the playback of your radio. This advertising is to finance development costs. Unfortunately can not be removed, but good ami does not bother me at all and also does not alter the normal operation of my radio ….

If you do not want to listen to the advertising that is played at the beginning, or if you simply want to put your radio on a Web page, but do not have the service, we recommend the services of the company Netyco Argentina, where you can for a minimum amount activate your account of Internet radio in an easy and fast way. You can even activate a free trial without paying anything.